Who We Are

Open Minds started as a small informal group meeting once a month to hear from an expert on an issue that was of interest. Our topics have ranged from Political and Cultural Issues, Health and Wellness, to Stem Cell Research. Over the past five years, we have grown and attracted more people to our audience. Our goal is to provide our audience with an opportunity for personal growth, education and development.

Ann Doritty

Ann Doritty has a background in event marketing. Her clients have ranged from the Hospitality Industry to Private Clubs and Restaurants. Ann has done work for many Not For Profit organizations - including Special Olympics and Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion. She was recently Chair of the Board of Special Olympics Ontario and now acts as Past Chair. Ann and her husband were founding members of The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada. She brings her energy and organizational skills to Open Minds and looks forward to continued growth and success in the future.

Gillian Evans

Gillian Evans is a Human Resources professional with extensive experience in large and small corporations and the non profit sector. She has spent time working with organizations dealing with change management issues and the impact on individuals. Her interest is now focussed on women in transition and the necessary training and support needed to support individuals through this stage in their career. Her work in Open Minds is one of many opportunities to facilitate women's continued learning and personal development. She also organizes developmental trips for women.

Janet MacPhail

Janet MacPhail is a marketing professional with over twenty years of community relations, event management and communications consulting experience for corporations and not-for-profits. Janet has her own Communication business and has had extensive experience in developing corporate and charitable business partnerships. She is the Chair of The Arthritis Society as well as serving on independant school and Private Club Boards.