Dr. Andrea Furlan & Robert MacDonald

Dr. Andrea Furlan

Dr. Andrea Furlan

Robert MacDonald

Robert MacDonald


The Opioid Crisis and a Story of Turning Tragedy into Hope

January 30th, 1:00-3:00 pm

LOCATION: Toronto Rehab 550 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2A2

Canada is ranked as one of the world’s leading per-capita consumers of opioids for the treatment of pain. As the leading adult rehabilitation hospital in the county, Toronto Rehab experts are taking key steps to address this important societal issue.

An estimated 6 million Canadian suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain. Many are poorly served by current treatments and the over-reliance on opioid medications has led to a growing nation crisis. A better understanding of pain and therapeutic alternative is required.



Dr. Andrea Furlan
Physiatrist & Senior Scientist | Medical Lead, Toronto Rehab Pain Program | Scientist, Institute of Work and Health

Dr. Andrea Furlan helped develop the Canadian Opioid Guideline and pioneered the creation of Opioid Manager™ , a point-of-care tool for physicians prescribing opioids.

Robert MacDonald
Founder Team ‘I Will” and Entrepreneur | www.teamiwill.ca

Once an avid runner, hockey and squash player when a sudden accident in December 2012 changed the then 26 year-old Robert MacDonald’s life forever. He had over 18 broken bones and a dislocated spine leading him to be diagnosed as a ASIA B paraplegic which gave him a 5% chance to ever walk again. Robert has been fighting for the last five years to gain his independence, ability, and now athletics back in his life. Listen to his 60-minute talk on what he has learned from his life changing experience over the last five years.

Robert has spoken at over 50 events in his short speaking career and notably has lectured for the University of Western, Brock University, and University of Toronto. His speaking pedigree has put him in front of students of all ages, employees, business professionals and large public keynote audiences. Robert has presented in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and internationally in the Bahamas.

Toronto Rehab

Toronto Rehab is home to the top rehabilitation research centre in the world. The iDAPT (Intelligent Design for Adaptation, Participation and Technology) Centre for Rehabilitation Research brings together the brightest research minds and state-of-the-art technology.

An extensive network of research labs, workshops and services credited with revolutionizing the science of rehabilitation, iDAPT provides a unique space where ideas can be cultivated and tested in a real-life setting. Cutting-edge and simulator technologies allow researchers to safely study how adults with disabilities interact with their environment. iDAPT enables researchers to deliver practical new therapies and well-designed products to enhance the lives of older people and those with disabling injury or illness.