Barbara Gray

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Barbara Gray


Traffic Matters: Innovative Solutions to a Persistent Problem

January 16th, 1:00-3:00 pm

Bringing her experience in city building and cost-effective innovations from Seattle, Barbara Gray is leading the charge in transforming Toronto's transportation network. As General Manager of Transportation Services, Barbara is focused on keeping people moving, improving safety and reliability, and strengthening partnerships with stakeholders.

Barbara will speak to the challenges the City faces in balancing the City's rapid population growth, construction management, and demands on curbside space. By implementing concrete actions, such as through the Congestion Management Plan, Barbara's leadership ensures the City will remain vibrant and livable for residents, businesses and industry.



Barbara Gray
General Manager Transportation Services

Barbara Gray's commitment to innovation drives her work as General Manager of Transportation Services in the City of Toronto. As Deputy Director of the Transportation Department in Seattle she led the development of the first city-wide Pedestrian Master Plan and Complete Streets policy and oversaw daily operations for policy, planning, and right of way management. She launched the plan to include a public realm activation program, a Project Coordination Office and a 24/7 Transportation Operations Center.

Her current projects include leading Toronto's involvement in the Complete Streets policy-initiative, the Ten Year Cycling Network Plan, pivotal pilot projects including congestion management initiatives and the King Street Transit Pilot, and the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. She is committed to a focus on building equity into decision making, improving multimodal design and leveraging technology and data to drive better project outcomes.