Dr. Christina Gordon

Dr. Christina Gordon

Dr. Christina Gordon


The Microbiome Diet – your intestinal biodiversity is your key to longevity

May 16th, 1:00-3:00 pm

Did you know tending to the bacteria in your intestines has the capacity to improve your quality of life!

The internal microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria, trillions actually. Current research is linking balanced gut-microflora to absorption of nutrients and improved immunity. The wellness and beauty industries are finding that vibrant radiant health is attained through probiotics, kimchee, as well as, other fermented foods.

Naturopathic doctor and health expert Dr. Christina Gordon will take us through a tour of what it means to have a healthy microbiome. What foods to avoid and what foods to incorporate to manage inflammation, weight and overall wellness. She will give us the tools to navigate our way to super-immunity.


Dr. Gordon began her clinical practice at the Xiaolan Health Centre in Toronto almost 10 years ago. She founded the Gordon Clinic in the Leslieville area in July of 2015. She is a dedicated to working with the body’s innate capacity to restore and maintain health through proper diet and lifestyle practices.