Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason

Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason

Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason, Ph.D. 


Eat Well, Age Better: The evidence-based use of diet and supplements for optimal health and wellness

February 24th, 1:00-3:00 pm

The link between Western-style diets and unhealthy aging is no longer a matter of dispute. However, the public is confused about which diet is best for optimal health because of conflicting nutritional information. This talk will discuss four core principles emerging from the current medical literature on the best diet for healthy longevity, and how to incorporate them into everyday diets.

Doctors are divided on the value of vitamin and mineral supplements. Some doubt they offer benefits, while a growing number say that it is likely that modern diets and fast-paced lifestyles leave us short of critical nutrients. Aileen Burford-Mason will discuss links between nutritional deficiencies and chronic diseases associated with ageing – from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and dementia, and suggest ways that supplements may bridge the gap.



Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason, Ph.D., is an immunologist, cell biologist and lecturer with a deep interest in the evidence base for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). An experienced medical researcher, her many scientific papers have been published in leading medical and scientific journals. Formerly Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Director of a Cancer Research Lab at The Toronto Hospital, Aileen has a private practice in orthomolecular nutrition. She frequently lectures to the general public and to medical and allied health professionals on the evidence based use of diet and supplements in health maintenance and disease prevention. Her book Eat Well, Age Better published by Dundurn Press has become a best-seller.