Briony Glassco

Briony Glassco

Briony Glassco


Civility and the Art of Conversation

January 20th, 1:00-3:00 pm

Kick off the New Year by tossing out some old habits. Understand what your conversational style says about you.

Join Briony Glassco, one of Canada’s leading communication coaches, as she presents the secrets of the best conversationalists.

Learn what techniques communicators use to create authentic and powerful conversations. Make your interactions with your partner, kids, colleagues and friends more meaningful and impactful.

You might be looking to make some real changes in 2016. Are you living in a new paradigm where the kids are gone and you need to find what’s next?

Challenging us to address how we listen, engage and connect, Briony will lead us through the shifts we can make to be successful in our next adventure.

You won’t want to miss this standout start to the Openminds 2016 season!


Briony Glassco

A well-known and respected film, television, and stage actress, Briony Glassco has also been an educator for over 20 years. Briony is a trained classical singer, improvisor, dancer, and actress with 30 year experience building characters in dramas, musicals, and comedies. She has also received training in integrative thinking, governance, executive coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She will be a certified Co-active coach with the Coaches Training Institute in late 2016.

She provides individualized coaching and training to professionals as well as scaled workshops for a variety of teams and departments. She has developed innovative programs and exercises for both young people and adults to help them with their communication skills.

Briony enjoys working in conjunction with executive coaches, HR partners, and educational consultants. She has helped many people in the financial and business sectors and in both local and provincial politics.