Bob Duncanson

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Bob Duncanson


Keeping our Great Lakes great. A review of the threats to achieving this goal.

April 2nd - Event Cancelled

Keeping the Great Lakes great. Bob Duncanson, Executive Director of the Georgian Bay Association (GBA), will explain some of the pressing challenges that face the Great Lakes and what the GBA and others are advocating for to ensure these precious Lakes are preserved for future generations.


Bob Duncanson is the Executive Director of the Georgian Bay Association (GBA). The GBA is a largely volunteer umbrella group representing 20 community associations along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay with over 3,200 property owners and 18,000 residents. GBA engages on public policy and involves itself in issues that are of interest to its members. Water levels, water quality, aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, forest health, boating safety and fisheries are all active files at GBA.

Bob has recently served on the panel of advisors to the Canadian Government as they renegotiated the Binational Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with the US. He also serves on the South Georgian Bay – Lake Simcoe Source Water Protection Committee.

Bob will share his insights on challenges facing the Georgian Bay environs and what can, should and is being done to address these issues.