Tanjina Mirza

Dr. Tanjina Mirza

Dr. Tanjina Mirza,
Vice President, International Programs, Plan Canada


Buying clothes-what should we know and consider?
The plight of women and girls working in the garment industry.

November 13th, 1:00-3:00 pm

Globalization has created increasing competition in almost all of the manufacturing sectors as large companies are drawn to relocate in countries with inexpensive labour and an absence of unions, rules and regulations protecting workers. Nowhere is this more evident than the garment industry which employs millions of women in countries like China, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam producing clothing for the insatiable demand of consumers in the developed world. The recent factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed hundreds of women demonstrates the risks of exploitation of women and young girls. In her presentation, Dr. Mirza will focus on the garment industry and how it has changed the lives of women forever in Bangladesh. Dr. Mirza is a Bangladesh born Muslim, a medical doctor as well as a Phd in Demography. She is passionate about her topic.


Tanjina Mirza, Vice-President, International Programs at Plan Canada oversees a department with about 20 international development professionals who design and implement programming around the world.

During her twenty years of work in the international development sector, Tanjina has worked as a Consultant for WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA in various countries of South and South East Asia and enjoyed teaching in many universities. She has traveled to over 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America in various capacities. International development is not just a job for her; it is her passion and commitment.