Ann Dowsett Johnston

Ann Dowsett Johnston

Ann Dowsett Johnston, Award-winning journalist and author



Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol

October 23rd, 1:00-3:00 pm

Until the publication of Ann Dowsett Johnston’s Drink, the huge rise in risky drinking among women and girls has gone largely unreported. Johnston’s ground-breaking examination reveals a gender gap that affects - and imperils -- all of us.

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Winner of five National Magazine Awards, a Southam Fellowship and the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy, Ann Dowsett Johnston is a gifted writer, editor and public speaker. A respected advocate in public policy matters, she has a distinguished track record in shaping abroad variety of dynamic publications. She was editor of the Maclean’s university rankings issue for fourteen years and vice-principal at McGill University, which gives her a window onto the perspective of young women. Most recently, as an Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, she wrote a thirteen-part series on women and alcohol that appeared in the Toronto Star. The series garnered wide acclaim and was the genesis of this book. Ann grew up in rural South Africa, Northern Ontario and Toronto, and is a graduate of Queen’s University.

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