Catherine Lawrence

Catherine Lawrence,
C.L.O. (Chief Laughter Officer)


The Power of Laughter and how it impacts
all aspects of your Life

January 19th, 1:00-3:00 pm

Has Catherine Lawrence ever got a recipe for you! It's called Rubber Chicken Soup and the main ingredient is laughter. Survival of the Funniest is the name of her company, and when it comes to Catherine's work and life, she sees humor as a critical survival skill. It has positive effects on your health, both at home and in your working environment. A corporate lawyer by trade, Catherine now works at helping you to harness the Power of Laughter to impact your energy and enthusiasm for your work and life.


Join us on Thursday January 19th , 1-3pm as Catherine Lawrence, C.L.O. ( Chief Laughter Officer ) of Survival of the Funniest gives us strategies to harness your laughter to bring more joy and energy into your life! To learn more about Catherine please go to her website at