Dr. Sandra Black

Dr. Sandra Black, Cognitive Psychology


The Aging Brain

October 27, 2010

What’s normal, not normal and how you can help your always changing brain. This talk will also focus on dementia and preserving a healthy mind.

Dr. Ben Goldstein and Dr. Amy Cheung

Dr. Ben Goldstein


Dr. Amy Cheung


Adolescent Psychology And Bipolar Disorder

November 03, 2010

Come hear Dr. Cheung speak about how children at risk can be identified and treated before symptoms become unmanageable.

Dr. Anthony Levitt

Dr. Anthony Levitt, Chief of Psychiatry


Women’s Mental Health Throughout Her Lifecycle

November 24, 2010

Dr. Levitt, has developed and guided a remarkable body of innovative research into mood and anxiety disorders, and new and better treatments for them. He is leading the charge to improve access to care for patients suffering from all kinds of mood and anxiety disorders.