Robin Wiszowaty

Robin Wiszowaty, Author


“My Maasai Life” - A Remarkable Voyage

September 17, 2009

Hear Robin Wiszowaty, a first time author, tell her remarkable voyage of joining an impoverished Maasai family in rural Kenya. Robin will share how this experience led her to become The Kenya Program Director for Free The Children, working with local communities to implement and manage development projects.

Leslee Thompson

Leslee Thompson, CEO Kingston General Hospital


How the Ontario Healthcare System Really Works and What The Public Needs To Know

October 01, 2009

From bedside critical care nurse, to CEO of Kingston General Hospital, Leslee Thompson has seen it all. She will share her views, her concerns and her hopes for the future of Health Care in our province.

Geoff Cape and Andrew Heintzman

Geoff Cape, Co-founder & Executive Director of Evergreen


Andrew Heintzman, President and co-founder of Investeco Capital


It’s Not Easy Being Green
But We Can Do It!

October 29, 2009

Andrew believes that climate change is both our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity. Learn how Canada can play a leading role in developing new industries and environmental technologies for the future. Fittingly, this event will be held at the Brick Works.

Leena Augimeri

Leena Augimeri, Ph.D., Director, Centre for Children Committing Offences & Program Development at Child Development Institute in Toronto


Tomorrow’s Criminals: Responding to Youth in Crisis

November 19, 2009

Children who commit delinquent acts between the ages of 7 and 12 have a two-to-three-fold risk of becoming tomorrow’s serious, violent and chronic offenders. Leena will describe an innovative, community based crime prevention model for young children that is being adopted worldwide.

Penny Kendall-Reed

Penny Kendall-Reed, Naturopathic Doctor


Your Best Shot Against Hot Flashes and Wrinkles!

December 03, 2009

Come and hear leading health expert and author Penny Kendall-Reed as she discusses the basic theory behind the process of aging, including inflammation and oxidation, changing hormone levels and altered immune response.